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The Cybec Foundation

Baker Heart Research Institute: PhD Scholarships




There is a history of heart disease in the Riordan family, so it is appropriate that the Foundation is supporting PhD students working on projects related to heart disease at the Baker Heart Research Institute.




Honor Rose: The effect of HIV infection and treatment on atherosclerotic development. Currently with Nucleus Network.




William Tu: The role of CDA1 in cancer & diabetes.

Honor Rose & William Tu

Baker Heart Research Institute 12.04.2005



Richard Bayles: Examination of the noradrenaline transmitter in major depressive disorder: delineating mechanisms of cardiac risk.




Flora Socratous: Sympathetic activation in chronic renal disease: role of the novel soluble monoamine oxidase "renalase". Renalase is a protein that is secreted into the blood by the kidneys. It circulates as an inactive plasma amine oxidase known as prorenalase and is activated by excess catecholamines to renalase. Renalase metabolises excess circulating catecholamines. In vivo,renalase lowers blood pressure by decreasing cardiac contractility and heart rate. Chronic kidney disease patients have increased levels of catecholamines and are deficient in renalase.

Richard Bayles

Baker Heart Research Institute 2.11.2006

Flora Socratous

Baker Heart Research Institute 2.12.2008



Liang-han Ling: A better understanding of heart failure mechanisms.




Ahrathy Selathurai: Factors in the development of Atherosclerosis.




Danielle Michell: Received a prize for the best student presentation at the High Blood Pressure Research Council of Australia, and an invitation to present at a conference in Florida in 2011.




David White: In 2011 David received a 3 year scholarship from the National Heart Foundation.




Katherine Ververis


Liang-han Ling

Baker Heart Research Institute 2008

Ahrathy Selathurai

Baker Heart Research Institute 2008



Alex McLellan: Clinical Electrophysiology




Annabelle Rodd: Epigenomic Medicine


Alex McLellan

Baker Heart Research Institute 2012

Anabelle Rodd

Baker Heart Research Institute 2012

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