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Eastern Health: Intensive Care Nursing




In 2009 a series of scholarships were set up at the box Hill Hospital to enable nurses wishing to specialise in intensive care nursing to study for a graduate certificate.



Geraldine Cook. Geraldine writes:

I completed the certificate subjects in 2009 and intend to do the diploma subject in 2010. The advance knowledge and understanding of intensive care environment is making me a safer practitioner. Mechanical ventilation is difficult concept to grasp and advanced concepts are only offered in the diploma subjects. The diploma subjects will also give me a better understanding of stress or as an illness, additional knowledge which will allow me to improve my communication skills with the family, hopefully enabling me to reduce their feelings of distress, anxiety, hopelessness and guilt.




Casey Freeman. Casey has completed the graduate certificate in critical care.

I have gained valuable skills and knowledge throughout this year and have grown both as a nurse and as a person. I believe I have benefited greatly by continuing my studies and most importantly my patients and their families have benefited as well.




Kok Soon Yip

I came from Singapore and did my nursing education in Australia. During my first year of practice as a registered nurse, I had the opportunity to work under supervision in an intensive care unit. Since then I have developed a passion in this area and had further completed introductory program with Box Hill Hospital ICU. From there I had learnt more about critical care nursing. After the program, I decided to further my study in the critical area and was very grateful that Cybec Foundation had offered a scholarship. This scholarship helped me in the financial aspect in making this study possible. Through the course, I have learned and gained new knowledge and nursing skills that I strongly believe will be beneficial not only to my future career but most importantly to all my future patients.



In 2013 another 8 scholarships were allocated. The recipients were:



Andrew Forbes.

Huizong (Tom) Guo

Bibiya Joy

Su Yeon Kwon

Twinkle Mashruwala

Susan Mead

Sarah Van Greiken

Lei (Nicole) Zhang


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