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The Cybec Foundation

Melbourne Theatre Company


Cybec Readings

Cybec Electric

In 2003 the Foundation paid for MTC to commission Melbourne playwright Joanna Murray-Smith to write a new play, to be performed by the Company. This play, with the title Ninety, was finally performed, with great success, in the 2009 season.




Joanna Murray-Smith Ninety


In 2005 MTC introduced the Hard Lines play development program, which was an extension of an earlier affiliate writers scheme. In the following years this program supported a number of would-be playwrights, and provided public readings of their works.

In 2006 the Foundation agreed to support an extension of this under which one new play would be given a studio production each year. The following plays have been produced under this program:

Jane Bodie's play A Single Act won the Victorian Premier's Literary Award in 2007.




Jane Bodie A Single Act


Ross Mueller The Ghost Writer


Matt Cameron Poor Boy


Paul Galloway Realism

Poor Boy and Realism were both performed early in 2009 in the new MTC Ray Lawler Theatre

Jane Bodie

A Single Act 2006

Cybec Readings: In 2009 The Foundation agreed to replace the Hard Lines Program with the Cybec Readings, under which a number of new plays were read in public each year. The initial series were very successful, and attracted good audiences.

The authors and directors of these plays were:




Nicki Bloom Tender (dir: Sam Strong)


Ian Wilding The Water Carriers (dir: Tom Gutteridge)


Robert Reid The Joy of Text (dir: Aidan Fennessy)


Elise Hearst The Sea Project (dir: Sam Strong)


Amelia Roper Hong Kong Dinosaur (dir: Naomi Edwards)


Declan Greene Pretty Baby (dir: David Mence)




Raimondo Cortese The Dream Life of Butterflies (dir: Heather Bolton)


MJ Hyland/David Tredinnick This is How (dir: Aidan Fennessy)


Tom Holloway You Won't Be Seeing Rainbows Anymore (dir: Matt Lutton)


Michelle Lee Roundabout (dir: Sarah McCusker)


David Mence The Gully (dir: Anne-Louise Sarks)


Natasha Jacobs If I Can Dream (dir: Petra Kalive)




Paul Galloway Rekjavik (dir: Matt Scholten)


Melissa Reeves Happy Ending (dir: Aidan Fennessy)


Robert Reid eating Alone (dir: Adena Jacobs)




Kate Mulvaney The Rasputin Affair (dir: Leticia Caceres)


Richard Flanagan Ronnie Gospers (dir: Aiden Fenessy)


Daniel Keene The Curtain (dir: Matt Scholten)

Cybec Electric: As the Cybec Readings became more popular, the MTC proposed in 2013 to replace them with a new program called Cybec Electric, under which each new play would have several performances. No plays were performed in 2013, but the new program began in 2014.

The authors and directors of these plays were:




Jane Harrison The Visitors (dir: Leah Purcell)


S Shakthidharan A Counting and Cracking of Heads (dir: S Shakthidharan)


Sue Smith In the Kingdom of Cha (dir: Petra Kalive


Kylie Trounson The Waiting Room (dir: Naomi Edwards)


Declan Greene 8GB of Hardcore Pornography (dir: Susie Dee)




Dan Lee Frogs Cry Wolf (dir: Ian Sinclair)


Tobias Manderson-Galvin The Unknown Man on Somerton Beach (dir: Sarah Giles)


Melissa Reeves Archimedes War (dir: Tanya Dickson)


Michelle Lee Moths (dir: Lee Lewis)




Rashma Kalsie The day I Left Home - Melbourne Talam (dir: Alex Pinder)


Justine Campbell & Sarah Hamilton Untold (dir: Justine Campbell)


Bridget Mackey The exact dimensions of Hell (dir: Luke Ketteridge)


Louris van der Geer The Son (dir: Kat Henry)

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