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The Cybec Foundation

St Leonard's College


Sally Riordan





Roger and Sally Riordan have had a long association with St Leonard 's College, East Brighton. Their three children attended the school, and Sally worked as a technical assistant in the printing department for some years. The Cybec foundation now supports two scholarships at the College.


The Sally Riordan Scholarship. When Sally died in 1999 Roger decided to endow a scholarship at the School in her memory. The scholarship, which provides full tuition for one student, was first awarded in 2002.



Nikita Koslov Nikita graduated at the end of 2006, and is now doing actuarial studies (2008).


Yanni Nicolandos has a strong interest in music, and is learning the piano and the cello.


Tess Wardrop is in Year 10 in 2010. Tess is interested in art, languages & netball, and intends to take the International Baccalauriate Course in 2011.


Eric Peng is in Year 10 in 2013. Eric is interested in computing, drama and languages.


Yanni Nicolandos

Sally Riordan Scholarship, 2007-10

Tess Wardrop

Sally Riordan Scholarship, 2010-12

The Cybec Newcomers' Scholarship. In 2005 Roger and Pat Riordan were utterly disgusted by the hypocritical and un-Christian way in which Australia was treating refugees from overseas. As a symbol of their disapproval, the Foundation endowed two scholarships for children of refugees. One of these is the Cybec Newcomers' Scholarship at St Leonard ’s College. Generally this will pay all expenses for one deserving student.



Ezana Gessese Ezana is in Year 8 (in 2008). His parents were born in Ethiopia.



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Ezana Gessese

St Leonard's Newcomers, 2005-


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