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My name is Cassowandra, doppelgänger to Roger Riordan, Crabby old bastard, Philanthropist, Stirrer, sometime Computer Anti-Virus expert, once Wanna-be Atomic Power expert. He put a spell on my father, Jim Cassowary, Gentleman, of North Queensland, conjured up the spirit of Cassandra, classical Greek Goddess of Doom and persuaded them to mate.

I chose my name because it combines the names of my parents, but also sounds like both an Australian town (Alexandra, Gilgandra or Wyandra) and an Australian plant (Cryptandra, Dryandra or Stypandra).

I am deeply unhappy about the parlous state of both our society and our civilisation, and our apparent determination to trigger the first man-made global mass extermination event, and in this blog I will attempt to draw attention to some of our more idiotic activities and beliefs.

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This website is effectively my scrapbook. It contains:

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