Roslyn Rutherford: Wartime adventures

On her Uncles boat Roslyn
(At Cape Cod?) 1917

Because of travel restrictions Roslyn had to travel via the United States. She spent a short time there, while waiting for a ship, and visited Boston and also an uncle who lived over the border in Canada. She finally arrived in England late in May 1917, and started work with the Almeric Pagett Massage Corps at a military hospital in Leeds. However she was very unimpressed with the Massage Corps, and desperately wanted to get to France.

In May 1918 she managed to arrange to join the Scottish Women's Hospitals Auxiliary, a feminist group which was operating a military hospital in the Abbey Royaumont. This was an old monastery which had been abandoned, and then converted into a spinning mill, before being requisitioned as a hospital. She arrived there early in June, and stayed until the end of the war.

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