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Chicken & almond wraps **

For much of my life I had been content to let others cook for me. But in about 1990, when our business started to make some money, Sally decided to take Sarah to England to meet her family, and left me at home with Adrian. After we had had grilled lamb chops every night for about a week, I decided there must be other options, so I delved in the bookshelf and found a book on Chinese cooking which I had given Sally some years earlier.

I got it out, and started experimenting, and by the time Sally returned I felt I was moderately proficient with my cooking. She must have thought it was promising, because she gave me a set of lessons with Elizabeth Cheong, the well-known Chinese teacher. I followed this with a couple of more advanced courses, and by then I was cooking regularly.

At first I stuck rigourously to the formulae, but as I got more experienced I became more confident, and now I usually use whatever comes to hand. Now I normally cook a batch of about 1.5kg, which will last me a week or so. I was keeping it all in the fridge without ill-effects, but recently I have been setting aside a few days worth, putting the rest into individual rice bowls in the freezer, and taking them out a day or so before I need them.

I have always had a notoriously 'cranky' digestion (which once nearly killed me), but now I have a good idea what I can safely eat, and seldom have trouble with my own cooking, but unfortunately commercial chefs use all manner of incompatible ingredients in their search for exotic flavours (not all of which they bother to list on the menu and sometimes, I fear, ingredients which have been hanging round too long), and often I have trouble choosing anything I feel I can eat safely - let alone enjoy - when I am out. I have also learnt not to specify "gluten free", as caterers usually translate this as "sawdust", although potatoes and rice are both tasty options.

This section discusses some of my procedures and experiments.



Casual stir-fry

Steak stir-fry


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