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The Cybec Foundation

Cultural Program


21st Century Composers


National Theatre School

The Foundation allocates a relatively small percentage of its funds to cultural activities. At present it is supporting the Australian youth Orchestra, the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, the National Theatre School and the Melbourne Theatre Company.


Australian Youth Orchestra:

In 2007 the Cybec Foundation agreed to make a regular Grant to the Australian Youth Orchestra's Touring Fund, to help cover the costs of the Orchestras regular overseas tours.

In 2012 the Foundation increased its allocation to the AYO to provide scholarships for two participating musicians each year.


21st Century Composer's Program:

In 2003 the Foundation agreed to fund this program, which is administered by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, to support young composers. The Foundation has also made significant contributions to the costs of staging several special concerts.


Melbourne Theatre Company:

In 2003 the Foundation paid for the MTC to commission Melbourne playwright Joanna Murray-Smith to write a new play, to be performed by the Company. This play, with the title Ninety, will be performed during the 2006 season.

In 2006 the Foundation agreed to support an extension of the existing Hard Lines play development programme, to allow one new play to be given a studio production each year.

In 2008 this in turn was replaced by the "Cybec Readings", in which a number of new plays are given public readings each year.


National Theatre Drama School:

In 2007 The Foundation agreed to fund a scholarship, to be known as the Cybec scholarship, for a promising young performer in the second or third year of the National Theatre Drama School's Diploma of Arts (Acting) Course.


Red Stitch Actors Theatre:

In 2008 The Foundation became a Major Sponsor for the Red Stitch Actors Theatre in St Kilda.


It is not anticipated that the Foundation will make other substantial commitments to the Arts in the foreseeable future.



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