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Introduction to the Scholarship Scheme




Baker Research Institute

Burnley College

Cabrini Institute

Eastern Health

Healesville Sanctuary

Indigenous Eye Health UM

Medley Hall


National Theatre

Newcastle University

Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens

St Leonard's College

Trinity College

Urology Foundation, RMH

Vet Science UQ

Vic College of Pharmacy

Vision Australia

Yarra Valley Grammar

Special scholarships

Index of Students

Launch of the Koiki Mabo Trust Fund

Roberta Sykes, Roger Riordan, Bonita Mabo & the late Sally Riordan at the launch of the Koiki (Eddie) Mabo Trust Fund at Newcastle University on 30th April, 1999.

In 1995, when Cybec Pty Ltd first became profitable, the management decided to set aside a percentage of the profits to endow scholarships. The first Cybec Scholarship was established at Trinity College, University of Melbourne.

Since then scholarships have been established in many different fields. The scholarships cover all levels, although most are at the tertiary level. The scholarships are designed to provide gifted students with the opportunity to study in their chosen field. Preference is given to students who would not otherwise be able to continue their studies. Special provision is made for members of disadvantaged groups.

Scholarships are normally administered by the relevant academic institution, and the Foundation plays no part in the choice of candidates, but scholarship holders are encouraged to feel that they are members of the Cybec family.

All the scholarships are listed here, although the scholarships established prior to 2002 were funded by Cybec Pty Ltd or the Riordan family.

The Index of Students lists all scholarship holders, past and present.

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