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The Cybec Foundation

Social Welfare Program


The Foundation's social welfare program began in 1999, following the sale of Vet. Since then the Foundation has usually supported one major charitable project each year.

Major projects have included:




Royal Flying Doctor Service: The Sally Riordan.


The Smith Family: Fitting out consulting rooms.


Vision Australia: Digital equipment for the Talking Book Library, Bursary


Good Beginnings, Latrobe: Emergency funds


The Salvation Army: Emergency accommodation for homeless young people at Stawell.


International Red Cross: Refurbishment of latrines in Herat


Good Beginnings, Latrobe: Social worker


Family Life: Community Bubs Program


The Foundation has also supported a number of projects designed specifically to help the aboriginal community, and has made smaller contributions to a number of other charities.

Flight Nurse Sue Salter with Roger Riordan in the Sally Riordan


Royal Flying Doctor Service: The Sally Riordan: In 1999, shortly before Sally Riordan died, Sally and Roger agreed to pay for fitting out a new plane as an aerial ambulance for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. After Sally died the Service agreed to name this plane the Sally Riordan. The Sally Riordan was commissioned in 1999, and is normally based in northwestern Western Australia. It has made countless mercy flights to remote communities throughout Western Australia. The Foundation continues to pay the immediate operating costs for this plane.


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The Smith Family: Fitting out consulting rooms: In 2000 the Foundation paid the cost of fitting out a suite of consulting rooms in the Smith family's new headquarters in Collingwood. These rooms enable the Family to interview its clients in privacy in comfortable surroundings.

Vision Australia Foundation: Talking Book Library: In 2000 Vision Australia moved its Talking Book Library to its new headquarters in Kooyong. The Foundation provided new digital recording equipment for the Library, and has continued to provide advanced equipment to enable the Library to meet the changing requirements of its clients. In 2004 the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind, Vision Australia and the Royal Blind Society agreed to amalgamate, to form the Vision Australia Foundation, with the Library at Kooyong now called the National Information Library Service.

In 2005 the Cybec Foundation agreed to fund one of the Vision Australia Foundation’s Further Education Bursary Awards.

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Good Beginnings, Latrobe: Social worker: There is a high unemployment level in the Latrobe Valley, and many families have trouble bringing up their children. Good Beginnings helps these parents to improve their parenting skills, and overcome the many practical problems facing them. In 2001 Good Beginnings lost its government funding, and was in danger of having to close down. The Foundation provided it with emergency funds, and enabled it to carry on until its government grant was renewed.

Since 2003 the Foundation has supported a course to teach young fathers to assist their wives after their babies are born.

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The Salvation Army: Emergency accomodation: There is a high need for emergency accommodation for young people in many country areas. In 2001 the Foundation paid for six motel-type units in Stawell, owned by the Salvation Army, and formerly used as accommodation for old people, to be renovated to meet this need.

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International Red Cross: Latrines in Herat: In 2002 the Foundation paid for the refurbishment of approximately 200 latrines in Herat, Afghanistan, as part of an international program to improve sanitation in that city, in an attempt to reduce the very high infant mortality rate.

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Family Life CEO Jo Cavenagh with Roger & Pat Riordan

Family Life: Community Bubs program: This Organisation operates in the Hampton-Highett area, where a large number of disadvantaged families live in Housing Commission flats. In 2003 the Foundation agreed to pay the salary of a social worker to help young mothers, identified as being at risk, to improve their parenting skills, so that they do not become involved with the Community Health Service. This program has already helped a number of young mothers overcome seemingly insuperable problems. (This organisation was previously called Southern Family Life.)

In July 2007 the Cybec Foundation purchased the disused St Columba's Anglican Church at Edithvale, and presented it to Family Life, who will convert it into a community center. This will enable them to provide much needed social services in the area.

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Minor donations: The Foundation has also assisted the Alzheimers' Association of Victoria, the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria, the Australian Red Cross, BASS Care, the BWAEF, Freemasons Hospital, the Heart Foundation, Here for Life, Mirabel Foundation, Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria, MS Society of Victoria, Muscular Dystrophy Association, the Stepfamily Association, the Onemda Association and various other charities.

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